Boiler Water Desalination

Boiler water treatment adopts the desalination process of ultrafiltration or traditional filtration equipment + reverse osmosis treatment + ion-exchange or EDI system, which may vary according to the different quality of raw water.

As the pretreatment, reverse osmosis system can remove ions in more than 98%. As powerful desalination system, the ion exchange process adopts the flexible combination of cation bed, anion bed and mixed-bed or single pass mixed-bed or double pass mixed-bed to meet the boiler feed water requirement. Compared with traditional ion exchange method, RO system removes the salt completely, so it can prolong the regeneration period enormously. This technology boasts steady working, ease of use, high-level automation, low running cost and less environment effects.

Outlet Water Standard Compliance
In line with national and industrial boiler feed water standard. (GB1576-2008, DL/T561-95)

Recommended Process
1. Raw Water→Sand Filter→Cartridge Filter→RO System→Mixed Bed→Product Outlet Water
2. Raw Water→Disc Filter→Cartridge Filter→UF→RO System→Mixed Bed→Product Outlet Water
3. Raw Water→Sand Filter/UF→Cartridge Filter→RO→EDI→Product Outlet Water