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In recent years, Shijiazhuang Liquatech Technology Co., Ltd has focused on water treatment and sewage treatment areas. We are dedicated to providing food, beverage, pharmaceutical, power, chemical, steel, cement, textile, electronics, photovoltaic, new energy and other industries with high-quality water treatment equipment and perfect solutions.

We have a world-class water treatment technology laboratory, a large-scale production base and a professional water treatment technology team, to provide customers with a whole package of services from raw water quality testing, water treatment process design, water treatment equipment manufacture, commissioning, on-site installation, guidance and training, etc.

1. Raw Water Testing
Water treatment processes must be designed according to the quality of the raw water. This is the only way to ensure that the treated effluent can meet requirements and the water treatment equipment can serve well during its normal life. Water Siyuan Group has a world-class water treatment technology laboratory, which can conduct a comprehensive analysis of the raw water quality conditions. All you need to do is just sending us the sample of raw water, then we analyze and test the sample for you without any charge. The analysis provides important data to support subsequent treatment process design and equipment production.

2. Water Treatment Solutions
We have more than ten years of relevant experience in the field of water treatment. For those customers who are unable to provide raw water quality reports or samples, we can still provide an accurate solution. If you are in this situation, you may just tell us where the raw water comes from. No matter it is underground water from deep wells, surface water, lake water, brackish water, sea water, tap water, industrial wastewater or city sewage, we can offer a satisfactory solution that best meet your individual needs.

3. Customization
We are experienced in water treatment equipment design and manufacturing, and we are able to produce customized water treatment equipment in many vatieties, such as various tanks, filtration equipment, reverse osmosis equipment, nanofiltration equipment, ultrafiltration equipment, dasalination plant, and deionization equipment.

4. Technical Data and On-Site Support
A full set of device-related technical information will be provided together with our equipment, such as equipment assembly drawings, installation layout, electrical control charts, PLC program, components catalog, operating instructions, maintenance manuals and so on. Meanwhile, for some customers who do not quite understand the water treatment equipment, we can send professional technical personnel to offer on-site installation and commissioning guidance, and trainings on operation and maintenance.