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    1. Sand FilterSand filters are used to remove suspended solids from water and wastewater. Because the sand filter only has one layer of filter media, it removes only relatively large solids (normally in the range of 40-100 microns).
    1. Activated Carbon FilterThe activated carbon filter is mainly used for removal of organism, colloidal silicon, remained chlorine etc. The carbon water filter does a better job in absorbing odor, color and heavy metal molecular.
    1. Iron & Manganese RemoverThe most frequent approach for iron removal is to transform it from a ferrous state to a ferric state by means of oxidation. Our iron and manganese remover adopts this method, which changes the iron from a dissolved substance to a suspended solid (or particle).

We take the lead in providing custom-built pressure media filter for a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications. Pressure filters utilize a process in which, a pressurized fluid stream contacts granular media for physical and/or chemical removal of impurities. We design our pressure filter systems to ensure the right media are used to meet the client’s desired effluent and waste disposal requirements.

Commonly Removed Impurities
• Iron and manganese
• Chlorine
• Organics (TOC’s)
• Suspended solids
• Oils
• Taste and odor
• Fluoride

Pressure Media Filter Configurations
• Vertical Pressure Filters
• Horizontal Pressure Filters
• Common Pressure Filter System Types
• Activated Carbon—for removal of chlorine and organics
• Manganese Greensand—for removal of iron and manganese
• Multi-Media—for removal of heavy sediment and suspended solids
• Neutralization—used to neutralize acidic water, increases alkalinity and pH
• Sand—for removal of heavy particulate and sediment
• Activated Alumina—for arsenic and fluoride removal

Typical Features of Pressure Media Filter
• Premium grades of media
• Stainless, carbon steel or fiberglass pressure vessels
• Integrated baffles and cells (horizontal configurations)
• Epoxy, rubber or specialty linings
• Full-flow, non-clogging distribution systems
• Hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or motor driven valve configurations
• Integrated process controls

Optional Features of Pressure Media Filter
• Custom designs
• Control panel fabrication
• PLC/HMI/VFD controls
• Factory skid mounting (pre-plumbed, pre-wired and tested)