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Activated Carbon Filter

The activated carbon filter is mainly used for removal of organism, colloidal silicon, remained chlorine etc. The carbon water filter does a better job in absorbing odor, color and heavy metal molecular.

The carbon chosen for mineralized water, purify water and beverage industry is water-purify carbon which can enhance the taste of pure water. The activated carbon filter can be used as the pretreatment system for RO, electrodialysis, and ion exchange system that can safeguard these equipments.

The activated carbon filter can back flush timely and also can be showered by NaOH, HCL. If condition allowed, it also can be washed by vapor blower which should be remarked before ordering, so that we can design and produce accordingly. The materials for the tank are: stainless steel, steel lined with rubber and FRP.

Model Water Treatment Capacity ( m3/h ) Filtering Speed
( m/h )
Height of Filter media layer ( mm ) Dimension
( mm )
Dia. of outlet and inlet
WS-HXTQ-1 1 10-20 600-800 Ф300×1500 DN20
WS-HXTQ-3 3 700-900 Ф500×2000 DN25
WS-HXTQ-5 5 800-1000 Ф700×2400 DN32
WS-HXTQ-8 8 1000-1200 Ф900×2800 DN40
WS-HXTQ-10 10 1100-1300 Ф1000×2800 DN40
WS-HXTQ-15 15 1100-1300 Ф1200×3000 DN50
WS-HXTQ-20 20 1100-1300 Ф1400×3000 DN65
WS-HXTQ-30 30 1100-1300 Ф1800×3200 DN80
WS-HXTQ-40 40 1100-1300 Ф2000×3200 DN100