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Mixed Bed Demineralizer

Mixed Bed Ion Exchange Column
We provide mixed bed demineralizers in wide varieties of sizes and configurations to meet the need of any application or process. Our state-of-the-art regeneration plant ensures that each regenerated batch of media yields maximum throughput performance. Furthermore, all freshly regenerated media must pass a litany of quality control tests before it is certified for field use. This rigorous process ensures that our customers will always receive exchange product with the highest quality.

Dual-bed strong base systems produce an average water quality of 200,000 ohms, cm with a pH of about 7. The dual-bed units remove silica and carbon dioxide from the water and are excellent for all-purpose systems. Mixed bed demineralizer consists of single vessels containing both cation and strong base anion resins. Mixed bed produce water with the highest purity, which typically ranges from 200,000 up to 18,000,000 ohms, cm. Most often, the mixed bed deionizers are placed down-stream of a primary treatment apparatus (dual-bed DI, RO system, etc.), to act as a polishing mechanism.

Activated carbon units are a common addition to many high purity DI applications. Its enormous adsorption capabilities are well suited for removing organics and chlorine. As part of our commitment to quality assurance, we use only new, virgin carbon for each exchange.

Common Applications of Mixed Bed Demineralizer
• Biomedical, pharmaceutical, laboratory
• Boiler makeup, power generation
• High purity process loops
• Microelectronics, semiconductors
• Plating, coating lines
• RO permeate polishing

Typical Features of Mixed Bed Demineralizer
• Premium grade media
• Rubber lined steel or reinforced fiberglass pressure vessels
• Full-flow, non-clogging distribution systems
• Quick-connect fittings

Optional Features of Mixed Bed Demineralizer
• Skid mounted systems
• Multi-train, custom tank and media configurations
• Custom controls and instrumentation
• Distribution, forwarding, recirculation systems
• Flow meters, automatic valves, sampling ports