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Water Treatment Equipment for Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage Industry Water Treatment Equipment
As the living standard progresses, people are becoming more aware of health issues and having increasingly higher requirements on the water quality of alcohol and soft drink, especially on taste and sanitary standards. In food and beverage industry, we need to remove a large number of ions, microorganism, bacteria, sand, etc from the water to guarantee the health effect, freshness and normal fermentation of products. So we need water treatment equipment to process the raw water first. It is required that the conductivity of purified water should be not more than 10μs/cm.

After many years’ research and development, our company can supply reverse osmosis water filter in wide varieties. Our water treatment equipment can perform reasonable and efficient treatment on tap water. After removing particles, colloids, residue chlorine by pretreatment system, our water purification system can remove bacteria, virus and many other microorganism and heavy metal ions which is harmful to people’s health. The water treatment equipment can be directly used for producing great quality of purified water for food, dairy product, alcohol and beverage production. It supports manual or auto operation, which can automatically control raw water, high pressure pump, and purified water pump to work and stop. Automatic on/off, flushing, high and low pressure protection, liquid level control are all available on our equipment.

Technical Specification
Output water capacity: 0.25m3/h-200m3/h
Output water conductivity: ≤10μs/cm
Recovery: 50-75%
Operation pressure: 0.3-1.5Mpa
Bacteria removing level: ≥99%

Water Treatment Equipment Features
1. High rejection: we use famous brand reverse osmosis membrane, like DOW, Hydranautics, etc, which boast excellent output water quality, low operation cost and longer service life.
2. High efficiency, low noise: we use famous brand high pressure pump, like Grundfos, CNP, etc. We also set in-line product water conductivity meter to monitor water quality all the time.
3. There are flow meters for product water and concentrated water to monitor the output water capacity of our water treatment equipment and system recovery.
4. There are pressure gauges before and after cartridge filter to monitor the pressure difference between RO and precision filter, which will help the user to know when to change cartridge.
5. High pressure switch can protect RO membrane from damage by over high pressure, while low pressure switch will protect high pressure pump from damage by water supply stoppage.
6. Concentrated water control valve is available to adjust output water capacity and system recovery at any time.
7. Quick flushing valve periodically cleans the RO membrane, reducing the pollution to RO membrane and extending its service life.

Water Treatment Equipment Applications
• Pure water for food production
• Blending water for wine, beverage, and juice, etc
• Bottled water and barreled water production
• Pure water for diary production
• Blending water for flour and cookie, etc