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Water Purification Equipment for Electronic Industry

Electronic Water Treatment Equipment
This water purification equipment is mainly used in semiconductor industry, which needs ultrapure water for production. We can produce ultrapure water system with various capacities according to your specific requirements. Our water purification equipment for electronic industry can produce outlet water with resistivity above 18MΩ.cm.

General Process
Raw Water Tank→Raw Water Pump→Sand Filter→Activated Carbon Filter→ Antiscalant Dosing Device→Double Pass RO System→Buffer Tank→EDI Equipment→Polishing Mixed Bed

Typical Features of Water Purification Equipment
• FRP or SS pressure vessels
• Welded SS high-pressure pipes
• Welded and powder coated carbon steel skid frames
• Famous RO membrane, like Filmtec, Hydranautics, etc
• 5μm or 1μm precision filter
• PLC controls
• Automatic inlet valve
• User-friendly microprocessor controls
• Automatic flushing system
• Clean-In-Place (CIP) system
• Inlet and permeate conductivity display
• Concentrated and permeate flow display