Industrial RO System

Industrial RO System (Reverse Osmosis System)
Purified water is a kind of water which has almost all the conducting medium, colloid and organic matters (including bacteria) removed. Purified water has conductivity of about 0.1-0.55μs/cm, resistivity (25℃) above 10MΩ·cm, and TDS less than 0.1mg/l. In theory, the conductivity of purified water is 0.055μs/cm, and its resistivity (25℃) is 18.3MΩ·cm. Our company can supply various industrial RO systems according to customers’ detailed requests, such as single pass RO filter, double pass RO filter, RO+EDI, RO+mixed bed, etc.

General Principle of Water Purification System
Raw Water→Raw Water Pump→Mechanical Filter→Activated Carbon Filter→Precision Filter→First Pass RO→Second Pass RO→TOC Remover→EDI System or Mixed Bed

Technical Parameters of Industrial RO System
Rejection: 99.8%
Organic Removing Level: >150MW
Bacteria Removing Level: >99%
Pyrogen Removing Level: >99%
Particle Removing Level: >99%

Requests on Inlet Water
Residual Chlorine: <0.1mg/l
PH: 5-8

Application Field of Industrial RO System
A. Electronic industry, chemical industry, pure water factory
B. Direct drinking water for villa, apartment, hotel, etc
C. Output water capacity: 0.25-200m3/h